How to Do a Metatrader Sync Between Multiple Computers

MT4 – How to download and install the program on your computer. How can you make money on automated trading FOREX

As far as I can see, some traders still don’t know how to save the MT4 price charts as image files. They use some other tools like the computer keyboard’s PrntScr button which is a not a good and easy way because it takes a screenshot from the whole computer screen that you will have to crop and save it using an image editor software.

It is very easy to save the MT4 price charts as image files. You need to do it when you want to keep the track of your trades, testing your gekko trading bot and recording the good and bad trade setups, or sharing your analysis with the other traders.

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Forex daily trading strategies benefits

The daily strategy, as you might guess from the name, was created for trading on daily charts, such work among traders is classified as long-term, connected sometimes to the D1 timeframe. Specifically, forex day trading strategies are not so popular among beginners as scalping, however, they are very promising ones. Everything depends on the mood […]

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